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Free Online Grammar Checker by provides free English grammar check by using complicated algorithms to detect contextual grammar errors. Fed-up with the search for good grammar checker? Try our free grammar checker! Not only that our grammar checker is free, we also give out free advice on grammar checker on our blog. Bookmark this site now or share it on Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends about this free service.

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Online Grammar Checker vs. Word Grammar Check

Frustrated with Word grammar check? You are not alone. There are plenty of websites and forum threads that talk about the frustrations of using Word grammar corrector. Let’s take a look at the comparison between a general online grammar checker and the Word grammar checker. Integration Unlike the Word grammar checker that works only on Word processor, an online grammar  [ Read More ]

Using Online Grammar Checker for Writing

Many writing tools are readily available at your disposal for creating an inspiring piece of work. It ranges from online thesaurus, to diction and style checker, to content management system, to online grammar checker and many more. An online grammar checker can be a useful writing tool. It can quickly proofread writing and highlight obvious mechanical grammar and spelling mistakes,  [ Read More ]

Grammar Check and Learning Difficulties

Are you struggling with a learning disability? It may be encouraging for you to know that many successful and famous people, including Michael Phelps and Richard Branson, struggled with learning disabilities as well. Dyslexia, a form of reading disorder, is the most common type of learning disability. People with dyslexia have struggled with spelling and phonological awareness, making reading a  [ Read More ]

Grammar Check for ESL | Good Grammar Check

As you may already know, extensive practice is essential in learning a new language. Immediate feedback about errors helps English as a second language (ESL) learner learn faster and better. Few good grammar checkers are available to ESL learners. The better ones are usually commercial softwares that follows subscription pricing modesl which limit most ESL students from accessing a good  [ Read More ]

Grammar Check Online History | Good Grammar Checker

The grammar checker is one of the first applications that were developed after the invention of computer. It has a long history of development and up till today, grammar checking technology is still evolving. The first grammar correction system was called Writer’s Workbench. Early grammar correction system checked for inconsistency in punctuation and style. Writer’s Workbench simply analyzes the text  [ Read More ]

How to Choose the Proper Grammar Checker for your Needs

A simple search for ‘English grammar checker’ will return dozens of results. How do you choose the right grammar checker for your needs then? Your word processor comes with a decent English grammar checker, but it constantly flags words and structures that you know are grammatically correct. Instead of reading through every single website back-to-back to see what these grammar  [ Read More ]

What makes a good grammar checker?

Why use a grammar checker? For many people, English grammar can be difficult to master: there are just so many rules, tenses, punctuation marks and more. There is no doubt that the best way to make sure your grammar is perfect is to get a professional proofreader, who is a native English speaker, to go over your texts; However, that’s  [ Read More ]

The advantages of using an online grammar checker

Online grammar checker advantages There are many advantages to using a free online grammar checker. A good online grammar checker will not only help you catch your grammatical mistakes, but will also fix them for you (and this is the best way to improve your English!). A lot of the free online grammar checkers today are developed enough to catch  [ Read More ]

What are the best uses of a free grammar checker?

A good free grammar checker can help you with all of your written-communication needs. There are certain situations in life where it’s crucial to appear eloquent, smart and precise. Spelling and grammatical rules are not only bad memories from English class – in the real world they reflect on you as a person, especially in situations where this is the  [ Read More ]

Using an Online Grammar Checker can Improve Your English

As you probably remember from your days in school, English grammar can be very hard to learn. Using an online grammar checker can not only correct your mistakes and help you create error-free texts, but it can also help you improve your English and learn how to avoid these mistakes in the future. Instead of automatically approving every correction the  [ Read More ]